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Welcome to APCA

APCA was formed to unite independent gasoline and convenience store owners. APCA is a group of business owners who are in the convenience store industry to learn, grow, and succeed! Based on a cursory survey of independent owners of gasoline service store and convenience store owners we found that these owners were being under-represented at regulatory institutions in City, County and State agencies. Decisions are being made, and laws being created at various regulatory institutions that are affecting the business model of these owners without adequate input in the proposed regulations and rules. Current market place associations appeared to be focusing on the needs of larger grocers or oil companies, rather than smaller independent retailers. In 2012, a few leaders within the business community came together to evaluate the need for such an organization and realized the need for APCA. APCA hopes to be a grass roots organization providing representation to small independent gasoline and convenience store owners. Read More

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I register on-line for Membership?

Yes. Click on Red button on top “REGISTER FOR APCA MEMBERSHIP”, fill the application and payment details and submit. APCA office will process the application and send your Membership number, login and temporary password to create your profile.

How much is Annual Membership Fee?

$ 100 each store for first three stores, thereafter $50 per store with no CAP

Can I renew my membership online?

Yes. Login to your account, check dues and pay online with PayPal, Credit Card or EFT

Any APCA Vendor Deals?

Yes. APCA has several Vendor deals exclusively for its members like Core-Mark, JS West, Petrosoft, Cash Connect, Petroleum Card Services, FirstcardATM, Stratus Environmental Services, PWM Electronic Price Signs, Gilbarco Fuel Dispensers, ADA Attorney, Insurance and other Services providers. APCA – Core Mark deal itself can save $100-300 per month depending upon individual store sales

How do I receive legislative updates?

Legislative updates are posted under “Legislative updates” and regularly emailed to all members

Is APCA associated with NACS?

Yes. As an APCA member you will receive preferred discounted rates for NACS membership and Annual Trade Show Registration. APCA is also associated with Southeast Asian American Store Owners Association – SAASOA and few other similar industrial Association

Affiliate Vendor Program?

Yes. APCA Vendor Committee screen Vendor’s product/services for its suitability for APCA members and recommends for Affiliate Vendor Program

APCA’s First Virtual Show?

APCA proudly announces its 1st Virtual Trade Show from November 2nd to November 23rd , 2020. This Virtual Show has all the best features of past shows plus many more. Best of all you can enjoy and order “Show Special deals” for APCA members from the comfort of your home. Great savings for upcoming holidays!!


To Register and Enter the Show click on link https://www.tradeshoweasy.com/c/apca20

How Can You Help?

Join APCA And Stay Informed

Of Proposed Laws, Ordinances And Joing To Cause To Keep C-Store, Gas Stations And Liquor Stores Safe From Negative Impact.

Join Now! Join Now!

What You’ll Gain

Access to industry leaders and knowledge APCA not only protects its members legislative interests, it also conducts networking and educational events that give members the chance to learn from one another.

Stay Informed

During association events, members talk to each other about what’s hot, what’s new and what’s the top new seller that’s bringing new customers into their stores. Plus, members receive publications that provide them with vital industry and legislative information.

Get Connected and Protect Your Business

The “Members Only” section of the association’s new website gives members a place to turn to find out about laws, regulations and legislation that impacts the industry.

Business Contacts & Networking

APCA business meetings and seminars bring together suppliers and wholesalers with retail members to exchange information on topics of mutual concern. In addition, social events such as the annual golf tournament and the annual meeting provide opportunities to meet with colleagues in an informal setting to expand valuable business contacts.

Expand Your Knowledge

APCA’s continuing educational programs provide members with cost effective ways to train management staff to become better decision makers, independent thinkers and powerful leaders. Plus, with APCA’s Loss Prevention and Human Resources Share Groups, members learn about the latest technology available to protect their stores and to make sure that they are in compliance with state and federal labor laws.

APCA Works For You

The APCA staff works for its members. We are always ready and available to answer questions or conduct research to help a member get the right answer.

Vendor Deals

With APCA’s hassle-free coupon redemption program, there is no red tape, no counting and no sorting. Just send your coupons in and collect the cash.

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