AG Bonta, Enforce the Flavored Tobacco Ban

Since the implementation of the Flavored Tobacco Ban, the lack of enforcement surrounding this new law is fueling an illicit market for illegal disposable flavored vapes.


Unaccountable foreign manufacturers are seizing on the opportunity to smuggle their illegal disposable flavored vapes into California due to lack of enforcement of the Ban, hurting the consumers the Flavored Tobacco Ban was intended to protect as well as retailers, most of which are small businesses. 



This game of smoke and mirrors has dire consequences for Californian retailers:


The absence of effective enforcement not only hamstrings consumer protection but also undermines fair competition in California’s retail landscape. These small businesses, which form the backbone of our communities, are bearing the brunt of an unfair playing field.




Enforce the Law, Protect Consumers & Retailers

The intent of the law is clear but the responsibility of its enforcement was less clear. What we’re witnessing right now is that reality.
  •                                                                        John Maa, San Francisco-Marin Medical Society


The Flavored Tobacco Ban was passed by voters, with the support of Governor Newsom and Attorney General Bonta. However, the state’s failure to enforce the law on illegal disposable flavored vapes has left retailers in a difficult position. This lack of enforcement has allowed the illicit market for illegal disposable flavored vapes to flourish, inflicting significant harm on both law-abiding retailers and unwitting consumers across the state.


Please, stand with us and send a strong message to Attorney General Bonta: Without enforcement, the flavor ban is just smoke and mirrors. The state needs to crack down on these illegal disposable flavored vapes BEFORE they reach store shelves.


From Words to Actions


It’s time to bring fairness to the retail landscape. Join us in calling on Attorney General Bonta to champion these efforts to enforce the Flavored Tobacco Ban and eliminate the illicit market for illegal flavored disposable vapes to protect consumers and small businesses.